About Us

We are Music in the Schools, a student run non-profit based in Portland, Oregon that works to raise money to supplement the lack of music education programs in the Portland Public Schools district. We host benefit concerts to raise funds and allow student bands to show off their talent to appreciative peers. Our funds go to continuing these shows and to give students the ability to take free music classes they would not otherwise be able to access. In collaboration with PDX Pop we have hosted workshops for kids as young as elementary age to learn how to do things such as make beats, and take a look at the more business side of music, and reviewing local bands. In the past year, MITS has raised about 15,000 to benefit music education in Portland.

Ultimately, we believe it is vital for music to thrive within our schools, not only for educational purposes, but for self-expression and empowering our voice as youth. We work to give students opportunities in music, both in school and performance settings. Whether their interest is in the classroom or on the stage, we think it is important that young people are given every chance to explore their creativity through music.FullSizeRender (13)

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